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TEMPO rhythms of life
Life as a National Geographic Photographer is a syncopated rhythm that oscillates between frenetic and placid. Jason Edward’s photography mimics his life; with alacrity, emotion, and with formidable patience
Jason has obtained rare and amazing photographs from some of the worlds most remote places.

The gentle visual rhythms of the Namibian desert, the stampeding motion of wildebeest or the anticipated moment of water droplets falling, Jason's images capture the tempo of life.
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards is an award-winning photographer with the National Geographic Society and is represented by the National Geographic Image Collection.

Jason has photographed in more than two-dozen countries and is highly regarded for his wildlife and remote landscape photography. Widely published, his work has appeared in National Geographic Magazine, Australian Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Aqua Geographia, and Nature Australia. He has also authored and photographed two children’s books.

With a reputation for self-reliance and an ability to adapt Jason’s assignments have taken him to some of the most remote and inhospitable areas on the planet. It is his love of less developed regions,and his ability to depict even well known subjects in a unique manner that has separated his images from the mainstream.

In 2004 Jason was awarded the inaugural 'Pursuit of Excellence' Award by the Australian Geographic Society, "for his extreme efforts and absolute commitment to obtaining rare and amazing photographs.”